Ribolla Gialla–Wine Review

I learned about this wine courtesy of Luisa Zambrotta of Words and Music, and Stories.

From wikipedia; Ribolla Gialla is a white wine grape grown most prominently in the Friuli region of northeast Italy. The grape is also found in Slovenia where it is known as Rebula. In Friuli, the grape thrives in the region around Rosazzo and Gorizia. In Slovenia, the grape is grown prominently in the Brda region.

When first I sipped the newfound wine
I thought it tasted mighty fine
But when I tried it with my dinner
Dear Luisa had picked a winner

Tasting notes

  • โ€‹White wine (not the orange wine I anticipated)
  • straw colored
  • No viscosity
  • Light notes of pineapple
  • Citrus aftertaste
  • Pleasant after taste
  • Light refreshing summer sippingโ€‹
  • Pairs very well with Margharita flatbread

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