Reblog: Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a physical way to provide White Space for the Body.

From the post , “Every Yoga pose has a specific purpose and perspective. In Yoga, the intensity of the actions is felt inwards rather than outwards. That is why most Yoga classes start with slow movements. It’s like taking a moment from the busy/noisy world and pause to think before reacting.”

4 thoughts on “Reblog: Mental Health Benefits of Yoga”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been hearing this often lately which inspired me to join “yoga in the park” in my neighborhood. I’ve learned so much, mainly that it can be a holistic form of well being, not just for the body, but also the mind.

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  2. Unless you try to force your body into a position it is not ready for, it probably not going to hurt you. Glad you liked it. I read one of your blog posts and am very impressed with your oldest daughter.

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