Lessens Learned

I read a poem yesterday that made me wonder if life is a series of lessens or lessons?

Do painful experiences or lessons cause us to grow or withdraw?
Are the lessons learned
Or lessens learned?
Do we withdraw to minimize the pain
or redouble our efforts until we breakthrough
the pain
into our human potential?

Do we strain to attain
or refrain  from more pain?
Splitting headache

24 thoughts on “Lessens Learned”

  1. I kind of think that humans (just like everything else) have a breaking point. There is a time where the lessons become so many and happen very often to a point where we learn to build a protective shell around us. All this in the hope to minimize the pain.

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  2. Man will repeat the lesson until he learns the lesson.

    Side note: crushed Cigarettes drugs spilled alcohol and clothes thrown all over a room are never more valuable than a human life. To justify the attempt to take one ☝️ without accountability is a lesson man will repeatedly learn

    Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Reaping

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  3. It is necessary (or at least helps) to have a conscience in order to learn from a painful experience. If you don’t have a conscience (like a certain ex-President I could name), you are practically immune from painful experiences (except losing an election).


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