October 15 is National Grouch Day

Channel your inner curmudgeon and enjoy being a Grouch for a day.

National Grouch Day on October 15th sends out notices to all the grouches of the world to be their truest grouch. If you are a grouch, today is your special day. According to Sesame Street Magazine, the day celebrates all grouches and their way of life. 

Sometimes grumps give backhanded compliments. “Your house looked horrible until you painted it.” Other times they don’t give them at all. Noise, silence, general activity makes a grouch generally unpleasant.  As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a grouch is described as:

  • a person who complains frequently or constantly
  • a habitually irritable or complaining person

It seems that a grouch may be happy (although they would never admit it) only when others are unhappy and grouchy.  It is then that they feel most comfortable with having others share in their grumpy, cantankerous, surly world with them.

Are you grumpy in your chair?
Are you grumpy on your couch?
Are you grumpy everywhere?
The today's your day, you are a Grouch

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