Sounds of the Labyrinth

Recently I attended a retreat where we walked a cloth Labyrinth. We were asked to be silent while everyone was walking the Labyrinth. These were the only sounds to be heard.

The bell chimes in ever diminishing vibrations
as each supplicant approaches the Labyrinth.
A deferential bob of the head
silently shows respect for the 
Living God.

The only sounds are the shuffle of socks on the Labyrinth cloth path,
the soft swish of pants legs sliding past each other,
the quiet tap of one man’s cane
as he draws closer to the center
step by slow-measured step.

The procession pauses as people
stack up in the middle, 
exchanging silent head bobs
as the Labyrinth bends and spirals 
in a reverse direction,
creaking wood floors 
and cloth whispering on wood as
people step silently aside for another to pass.

A pause in  the Labyrinth’s center,
hand over heart
to feel/sense/receive
the Labyrinth’s gift.
A bow of reverence before
whispering, tapping, shuffling
back along the white path
on the sky-blue field.

The exit chime rings longer
and stronger as each
walker brings some of the
Labyrinth’s power
out with her or him.

“Meditation Labyrinth” by aperte is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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