Stop Robo-calls

Scammers maybe the worst of all
But second worst are robocalls.
Some machine calls your phone
but the mechanical voice won't leave you alone

There may be a way to end this abuse
Fill out the pettition, don't make an excuse

The petition is put out by the nonpartisan Consumer Reports, the same folks that do not take money for their unbiased reporting on many consumer goods including cars, furniture, foods, and consumer products.

Petition to stop robocalls

22 thoughts on “Stop Robo-calls”

  1. Itโ€™s not bad enough that they call to bother you with things you donโ€™t want and they donโ€™t even have the courtesy to do it in person, itโ€™s a bloody robot calling! Yes this must stop! It should be illegal and considered harassment! Good post and good info Pat, and yes, we get them here in Europe as well…

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  2. The problem of robo-calls is spreading in Italy, too.. They usually arrive, like any other unwanted call, in the least opportune moments and I cannot even say I am registered in what here is called the Public Opposition Register

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  3. I hate those damned robots!! I get it on my phone every single day, every single hour. The moment I get a recorded call, I block that number. But these agencies seem to have a ton of phone numbers, and they keep on reaching to you. Horrific.

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