Election Day

These are the words
he repeats by rote
'If I don't win,
something's wrong with the vote.'

But if he wins
there's no rigged election,
He won fair and square
by impartial selection.

Often the ballot 
contains many names
If only he lost
then it's rigged he claims.

Do those other winners
share that conclusion
when only one loser
raises doubt and confusion?

26 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. This was not in a political election, and the ballot forms hadn’t been tampered with, but it was still rigged because the rules of the ballot had been manipulated to suit the situation. It’s a long story and all I’m going to say is that in the end I got the justice that I was due.

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  2. Thanks Andrea. I read a tongue in cheek comment from a British journalist who wondered how the Democrats who allegedly rigged Biden’s win, a year later forgot how to do that for Virginia’s governor. The Democrat comceded gracefully and the Republican governor elect was similarly civil when he and his wife visited the current Democratic governor in the Executive Mansion.


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