November 16 is National Fast Food Day and National Check Your Wipers Day

You may want to check your wipers on the way to your favorite Fast Food restaurant.

  • Merriam-Webster dictionary first recognized the term “fast food” in 1951
  • Fun fact: The first Happy Meal was served in June of 1979.

Q. Which is faster, drive-thru or walking in?
A. Much of it depends on the time of day. During busy lunch and dinner hours, the line of cars might stretch to the street and it is probably quicker to go in to order at a fast-food restaurant. However, during slower times, the drive-thru will beat the lobby almost every time. Additionally, most restaurants have their drive-thru systems down to a science, shaving off the time it takes to complete an order and increasing the number of customers served through the drive-thru.

9 thoughts on “November 16 is National Fast Food Day and National Check Your Wipers Day”

  1. It would be more beneficial to me if there was a drive-thru windscreen wiper facility, and whatever happened to all those people who washed the windscreen when you were stopped at traffic lights?

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  2. Gosh, I only stop at a fast food place when I am traveling and need a rest room, so I’ll skipNational Fast Food Day. Wipers are another thing all together, though. I need to replace mine before winter sets in for real. Thanks.

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