A Mutual Inclination

I wanted to hike
but the body declined
I wanted to study
but not so, the mind
I wanted to relax
and the chair so inclined
The only agreeable thing
I could find.

I knew a master chief petty office that said, “It now takes all night to do what I used to do all night.”

Besides THAT, is there anything else from your younger days that you miss no longer being able to do or do without having to decide if it is worth the effort?

  • Easily getting up and down off the floor
  • Carrying heavy groceries in from the car
  • Running up and down stairs
  • Staying up past 8 or 9 pm
  • What’s on you list ?

24 thoughts on “A Mutual Inclination”

  1. That’s easy. I never enjoyed mowing the lawn in summer or shoveling the driveway in winter. I’m just as glad that age has given me an excuse for hiring someone else to do both now. I admit that I miss the exercise a little, but not the aches.

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    1. It was fun while it lasted. The snow’s great. Once the novelty of having a machine to blow it around wore off, though, it became another waste of time and patience.

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  2. I think we should focus more on what we can do more or better than what we used to do. I for example have a much broader range of huffs and puffs, groans and sighs when sitting down, standing up, moving in bed, stretching etc. My wife says I should groan for Belgium in the Olympics.

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  3. I sort of miss doing things and going places spontaneously. Now we think everything through and often decide not to bother. Sad (in a way).
    For some reason a whole bunch of your posts never showed up in my Reader. So I’m catching up now.

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  4. Thanks for commenting and reading, Audrey. I find myself not doing more things because the anticipated fun does not exceed the anticipated effort. COVID helped this inclination, so does getting older and the onset of colder weather.


  5. Very interesting…I find that getting up from the floor becomes a series of steps and stretches when it used to be a fluid motion, but carrying the groceries, even up to the first floor, still a piece of cake…great post Pat, makes one think…


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