When we achieve a certain age
aches and pains take center stage
It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand
Younger folks can't undertand
that growing old has no parole
Death will take the final toll
Grown is spelt another way
because groan is what we do all day.

23 thoughts on “Groan-Ups”

  1. 💜 It is Possible to Attain a High Enough Energy Vibration 📳 to Stop Ageing and even Reverse Ageing (‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ ~ Movie 🎬 starring Brad Pitt) EveryOne; so Do or Die EveryBody by Returning to The Purity of YOUR!!! ChildLike State…for ALL of YOU!!! Christians ✝️ be just like Resurrected Bro Jesu; or Be Buried Dead and Mourned by Few at YOUR!!! Funeral in YOUR!!! Coffin ⚰


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  2. Love your word-play; although the theme of the poem is rather “pessimistic”, it brought a smile to my face. I’m not there yet, umm, let’s forget I said “yet”! I’m very good at convincing myself that I won’t! Keep moving…

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