Reflections on Joy

The most recent two-hour offsite at church centered on Thanksgiving and Joy.

The swirling, twirling joys
lift and settle on 
the sun-driven breeze
of this golden fall day.

The soaring wooden beams
of the vaulted ceiling
soar heavenwards
with the  sighs and prayers
of praise and adoration
from the boon of
time and fellowship.

Individuals voluntarily joined
to lift, thoughts
and intentions
to thank God
for today
and hopefully everyday.

Second Poem

Pilgrim seeking God's joy
on a path strew with
Jesus prayers.
and monkey minds.
Some lift up.
Some trip up.
High-stepping, shuffling
seeking, searching
sighting glimpses
of God's joy
appearing and disappearing
like sunbeams on 
a cloudy day. 

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