That Tractor Has a Flat

I was driving up US20 heading north, exiting Orange, Virginia at about 40 miles per hour. Traffic was moving very nicely and Phlash Phelps was in the middle of identifying his City of the Day on Sirius 60’s Gold. I was in the zone and enjoying some time to myself.

As I was passing the Harley Davison shop, I noticed a green and yellow tractor parked in the grass on the side of the road.

First impression: John Deer Tractor.

Second impression: First time I’ve ever seen a tractor with a flat tire. Wonder if this is why it is parked there.

Third impression: Tractor is made entirely of square and round hay bales which is why the tire appeared flat.

How long has it taken you to notice something on the side of the road, accurately?

23 thoughts on “That Tractor Has a Flat”

  1. Well, not so hard for that to happen Pat as our brains are accustomed to seeing familiar things and it sort of fills in the blanks so that we perceive what we think we should. But trying to be more alert and not falling into the perils of tunnel vision can help us avoid such little mistakes, but the photo is great and the idea certainly was artistic and fab.

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  2. Thanks, Francisco. Your observation that we see what we expect and the brain fills in the details, was spot on here. I thought the hay tractor was remarkably well done.


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