Wednesday Writing — Dead of Winter Challenge

Teagan has issued a challenge to use her first Journey. Her blog

“Create something using Emlyn’s world as portrayed in Dead of Winter: Journey 1, Forlorn Peak, as your inspiration.  Not a story with my characters, but anything else you please.  If you want to play and have not read the Journeys give me your email in a comment and I’ll send you a Kindle copy of the book.  (Sadly, Amazon will only let me send them to the USA.  Readers outside the USA are more than welcome, you’re encouraged to participate. I just can’t send you the book.)

Winter is coming,  the little birds sing
Cold air and snow are the gifts it will bring
Some feather their nests while others fly south
Seeking food sources to stuff in beak or mouth

Squirrels scamper through orchards, rooting through leaves
Searching for nuts, any food it  percieves
Raiding birdfeeders with skill and precision
They jump or they hang with practiced decision

Groudhogs retire to thier lairs underground
when their usual foodstores no longer abound
They live off the fat they stored up all summer
Spending the cold months in snug burrow slumber

Wolves thrive in winter because of their fur
Two layers thick help keep them secure
With a long bushy tail that covers their snouts
and packmates to snuggle help keep the cold out.

Humans also retreat inside from chill breezes
Hoping not to spend winter with coughing and sneezes
They turn up the heat and wrap-up quite snugly
Cause being too cold can turn a mood ugly

When you hear the sound of winds thrumming
You know to prepare because Winter is coming.

26 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing — Dead of Winter Challenge”

  1. Wow, Pat! Well done! I’m thrilled that my story could help inspire something so beautiful. I’ve been sharing this post far and wide. I’m trying to decide the best day for me to reblog it. Meanwhile I added a link to my challenge post. Thank you so very much. Hugs on the wing.


  2. I love how you captured so many behaviors and fashioned them into a lovely poem about the changing season. You’ve accurately portrayed the way animals prepare – I must admit, I wish I could be a little more like the groundhog – some of which we see around us. I hope our “winter is coming” moment is not related to the challenges Emlyn is facing. Great job on the challenge!

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