Eclectic Samuel Butler

Luisa writes a lovely acknowledgement too. πŸ˜‰

words and music and stories

English novelist and critic Samuel Butler was born in 1835 in Langar Rectory, in Nottinghamshire, England, into a long line of clerics, preordained to a career in church, to which he too, by his father’s wish and expectation was predestined. His relations with his father, Rev. Thomas Butler were difficult and antagonistic.
He later wrote of his father β€œhe never liked me, nor I him; from my earliest recollections I can call to mind no time when I did not fear him and dislike him.”
After graduation, he went to live in a poor parish in London as preparation for his ordination. There he realized that the fact of having received baptism did not cause any difference in the morals and behaviour of people. Thus he began to question his own faith and had a close correspondence with his father on the issue. But his father’s answers did not…

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