Janine Strange Mission 66

Good morning and Happy New Year! We have a WWII Veteran who is turning 94 on January 14th!! When missions are completed, the families usually send over pics of these veterans (with big smiles) holding all the cards they received! I post the those pics on my facebook, instagram, and twitter– so make sure you’re following along on your favorite platform! You can also scroll all the way down on this email to see recaps of recently completed missions if you don’t use social media. If you are a new member, thank you so much for joining! I hope you find this to be a fulfilling and meaningful use of your time!
…here is Mission 66!  
Wish this Korean War Vet a Happy 94th! Korean War Vet Harvey Hess is from Pittsburgh, PA, and will be turning 94 on January 14th.  Learn about Harvey and his service:  Served: Korea 1950-1952

His daughter sent me this info: Thankfully, he did not have to see combat. Because he was from the melting pot of Pittsburgh he was able to read all the polish and other hard-to-pronounce names during mail call so he was assigned to work in the mail room for part of his time in the service. I believe that was God protecting him from combat!  After the service: He proposed to Dorothy in a letter from Korea. They were married Jan. 22, 1953 and have 7 children, 16 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren. He was an executive in the convenience store industry in Pittsburgh for over 30 years. Please mail your cards no later than January 11th  to:  Harvey Hess c/o Chris Hess 1505 Gill Hall Road Jefferson Hills, PA 15025

12 thoughts on “Janine Strange Mission 66”

  1. What a wonderfully warm initiative. I’d love to join in but sending physical cards to the other side of the world would take time. Wishing the great man a wonderful 94th birthday. 😃💖

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