32 thoughts on “Covering the Ass-ets.”

          1. It’s essentially rye whiskey that our local distiller (who used to be our Congressman, wish he still were) has spliced with local honey. Very nice liquor–either neat or in hot cider/chocolate. He was replaced by Bob (not so) Good for Virginia.

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          2. Just looked the Samaritans up and see that they are a group dedicated to people struggling with thoughts of suicide. Between the weather, COVID, almost any nation’s politics, etc–I can see where that might be catastrophic right now.

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          3. It’s depressing just to talk about it Pat. Without dwelling on the subject, it’s one of the reasons that I’ve started to spend more time on my blogs, and away from social media and forums. I used to like reading about current affairs and having a good debate, but that seems impossible these days.

            The Samaritans do an amazing job, and they’re all volunteers. The Establishment hand out gongs to all and sundry, but these people don’t get enough recognition for the work they do in my opinion.

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