Cold, Arthritis, and Bully Goats

Because of a 7 plus inch snow and ice storm, we did not drive out to White Hall for several days. As we drove along the winding, two-lane country road, we kept switching lanes to avoid downed tree limbs or toppled trees, no match for the heavy accumulation of white they carried.

When we got to the farm, nary a goat or donkey was in sight. Bob bleated and he-hawed until the two bully goats raised their heads to see if it was worthwhile to leave the comparative warmth of their straw-covered shed. Seeing us with the familiar plastic-covered dishes in hand, they realized that food was probable.

Bully Junior, trotted across the snow-covered stubble and was the first to reach the fence. Bully Senior ambled stiffly behind, the first time I noticed that he was also afflicted with arthritis that had stricken Nanny. Poor Nanny raised her head but never mustered enough energy to come to the fence for food. (This was the first time that pain and stiffness outweighed the desire for food.)

The goats were treated to very ripe cantaloupe that had been sitting in the car trunk since the snowstorm began and some cut-up sweet potatoes. With two feeders and two goats, life was sweet until a much thinner Buddy belatedly approached the fence. Bully Junior immediately moved away from the fence, knowing that food would be tossed his way if he was patient.

Buddy nipped Bob’s hand when he got a little greedy grabbing another bit of cantaloupe. Bully Senior was much more agile in grabbing the bite with his tongue or his lips. Buddy also has very large, brown teeth in his mouth. Bully Junior was quick to grab any bit off the ground that was flung in his general direction.

18 thoughts on “Cold, Arthritis, and Bully Goats”

    1. Thanks, GP. Glad to be a double inspiration. Now, I’m off to read Teagan’s masterpiece. I liked your Teagan suggestions–the Pacific Ocean had to come from you. 😉


    1. I don’t think he has been nipped by a goat, since they supposedly only have teeth on the bottom. He was nipped by Buddy, the donkey who I know has large teeth. However, he only mentioned it once so I guess it didn’t hurt too badly since he didn’t complain about it.


  1. They belong to a farmer/shop owner and former NFL award winning referee named Fred Wyant. They’re a prominent family in this village/small town outside Crozet, Virginia, which is near Charlottesville and UVA.

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    1. I say that every time something on my body hurts or does not work up to expectations. 😉 Even looking at children sledding is something that I took for granted that I could do that too, if I wanted to.

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