32 thoughts on “Are We a Virtual Sitting Room?”

  1. I think it is normally a wonderful feeling. A few people seem to have an odd sense of what their rights are when commenting on somebody else’s blog. Thanks for commenting, Tanishq. Happy New Year to you also.

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  2. I would be honored. Thanks for the thought. I actually copied it from a comment that Luisa left on one of my posts and thought it deserved it’s own star billing. I think t hat Brothers Campfire inspires such a feeling.

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    1. I get along really well with all my WordPress friends above all those with whom I interact habitually. I consider them true friends. even if virtual, but here ‘virtual’ has only positive connotations, and is not a substitute for reality

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  3. I normally do. Just a few that think if you’re not 100 percent in agreement you’re against them or it is their right to comment anyway they feel even if the rant would be more appropriate as a topic on their own blog. Thanks for commenting, Malc. I’m not referring to you.

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  4. Reblogged this on words and music and stories and commented:
    Yesterday Pat kindly shared one of my comments. which appeared among the replies to an article
    Here is her post

    What do you think?

    Ieri Pat ha gentilmente condiviso uno dei miei commenti. che è apparso tra le risposte a un suo articolo. Ecco il testo:
    “Considero WordPress e la nostra comunità come un salotto virtuale in cui chiacchierare di tutto. La possibilità di scambiare opinioni è uno dei suoi grandi e piacevoli vantaggi🌹❣️🌹
    Che cosa ne pensate?


  5. Very cool. This is actually a picture taken a few years ago in Second Life. Most of those avatars are librarians–many are no longer in SL I don’t know who the avatar with the blonde dreads is. You have good taste.

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  6. You’re welcome JYP. I keep my hair it’s original shade because my eyebrows are still dark. If I were to grow my hair out (very tedious process) I could then dye the gray a fun color.


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