It’s cold, it’s gray. Is it here to stay?

Heavy weight lies everywhere:

Snow on the ground
Blankets on the bed
Numbers on the scale
For some, bills on the credit cards
Frustration with two years of Covid
Different administrations but same government impasse

Where is the light?

To warm our spirits
Ease our burdens
Soothe our brows
Untense our muscles
Strengthen our resolve
that it Will Get Better?

Pandora found hope at the bottom of her chest.
Have we dug deep enough to find it?

26 thoughts on “It’s cold, it’s gray. Is it here to stay?”

    1. I hope so, GP. Our latest governor was sworn in yesterday and I liked his statements about a willingness to work with everyone. I hope it is more than lip service. He also brought back morning suits for himself and the attorney general. The new lieutenant governor is female and she wore business/church attire.

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  1. I wonder that almost every day, Priscilla. I was heartened by what I heard out of Richmond yesterday–maybe it will last at least a month? It is always much easier to look at what others are doing wrong than to examine if we may also be part of the problem.


  2. HI Andrea, great to hear from you. Light is coming and we must hold on to that. That picture was an other sunset from Califiornia. I think it was taken in San Diego. Thanks.


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