Let it Snow, Let it Snow–Enough Already

After wondering if Winter would ever arrive in December where we were well above average most days, January arrived with a vengeance:

  • January 3–7+ inches,
  • January 6- another inch,
  • January 16-3-4 inches,
  • January 14-15 another chance of snow.

Our most recent snowstorm was supposed to begin about noon. We went out to feed the goats at 9:30, figuring we would be ahead of the storm and would not be able to go out to White Hall for a few days. Despite Bob’s best attempts at bleating and braying, while waving the plastic container of warm potatoes, nary a goat or donkey appeared. We threw the potatoes into the pasture, figuring that something would enjoy them eventually.

We got home about 10:15 as the first flakes began to drift down. By 11:00 there were enough flakes to cover the grass and the tops of cars. We prepared the cars for the snow and ice by lifting the wiper blades up from the windshield.

Car ready for the snow

By midafternoon, snow was thick enough to crunch when you walked on it. The thin, dry flakes were unlike the heavy wet snow from two weeks ago. The change meant less chance or power outages from downed tree limbs. (Some of the surrounding counties were without electricity or broadband for over week).

By 8:30 that night, the snow was tapering off. The tractor that had been prepositioned on Saturday afternoon was still waiting for someone to drive it.

Snow tractor awaits a driver. He began plowing about 10pm last night. Scraped down to a layer of icy pavement.

By 8 am this morning, the sun was beginning the shine. The plow had made another pass and someone hired by the homeowners association was shoveling the sidewalk.

After lunch, I’ll go out to clear the snow off the cars, and shovel the plowed-up snow behind the cars. Such fun!

19 thoughts on “Let it Snow, Let it Snow–Enough Already”

    1. I at least need to get the snow off the car–it is possible that the front wheel drive can make it over the snow piled up by the snow plow. And at least we have snow, nanny nanny boo boo. ;(


  1. Oh, I remember that well. I recall shoveling the driveway, only to have the plow go down our street and cover my mother’s car in a snow dune!! Back outside I went…..πŸ˜“
    I love that scene from the front door!!

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    1. After we shoveled a bit, sharing the single shovel, we spotted some men who were finishing up the neighborhood sidewalks. They agreed to shovel out our cars for a reasonable sum and all left happy with the bargain.

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  2. Thanks, GP. That used to happen to us when we lived in Rhode Island. Today, we went out to shovel after lunch and were taking turns with the single shovel–It was heavy frozen snow and we were making little progress. Fortunately three men who had shoveled the community sidewalks were finishing up and agreed to shovel out our cars for a reasonable fee. Best money we spent recently. πŸ˜‰


  3. Wow, as harsh as it is, it does sound super exciting to someone who’s never seen real snow 😍 I hope you’re able to beat the cold well, despite the rough surprises brought by January.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Sam. Cold is a relative thing. If you’re busy, you may not notice it. Wind can make things seem colder (hence wind chill factor); wind blowing over snow/ice or even water can seem chillier. One person’s refreshing is another person’s too cold. πŸ˜‰

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  4. We had three snowfalls right after Christmas. The last one was heavy stuff with ice mixed in. It was hard to shake it off shrubs, and shovelling was no fun at all.
    It’s a fading memory now. For the past week, we’ve had clouds, fog, not much rain, and temps in the 40s. Just fine with me. But winter’s still with us for a while, so I haven’t stashed the snow shovels yet.

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    1. A snowstorm can really put rain and cloudy days into perspective. I agree with you overcast, fog, and rain in the 40s are an easier Winter to deal with. Amazing what getting older can do for your perspective. πŸ˜‰

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        1. While I could probably still make a snowman, the physical act of getting on or off (aka getting up off of) a sled is probably not plausible except in dire circumstances. (I never thought that getting old would involve such a basic childhood pleasure.)

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  5. It wqs pretty to look out, but our snowstorm last weekend has still left several ugly, brown, icy patches where the sun really doesn’t hit it. The snow in front of our house is littered with brown prickly gumballs that have stained the surrounding snow brown. I envy you your winter. A cold, rainy winter was what I was hoping for rather than a frigid snowy one.


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