Squirrel Appreciation Day–January 21

Tree rats deserve some recognition too. They are cheeky, creative, potentially destructive, and very entertaining in one furry, tail flicking bundle.

Some facts about squirrels:

  • Creator, Christy Hargrove, is a wildlife rehabilitator in North Carolina and is affiliated with the Western North Carolina Nature Center.
  • Squirrel Appreciation Day began in 2001.
  • Three types of squirrels: tree, ground, and flying squirrels
  • Rally Squirrel was selected as a mascot by the St Louis Cardinal after he helped them win a couple of World Series by interupting some of the games
  • It’s also National Hug Day, but nobody recommends hugging a squirrel because they have been known to bite when cornered or to defend their food stash.
The nut disappeared in the flick of a tail
another squirrel stole it off  of the rail.
He looked high and low, including the ground
but his lost  nut was not to be found
until he spied a squirrel munching high up in the tree
flicking his tail and chortling with glee.

41 thoughts on “Squirrel Appreciation Day–January 21”

  1. When I was still working, I had a buddy who climbed up my leg to get his peanuts. Then one day, after about 5 years of that, Security came to me and said they buried the old guy under the tree he lived in.

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  2. Wow, GP. I would be afraid he would bite me. Nice that security let you know what became of the old guy. That is a very sweet story. The squirrrels are probably our most consistent entertainment since other than dog walkers, this is a fairly boring community. (One of the reasons we drive out to feed the goats. Because of the snow and cold, we have not been out for a few days.)


  3. There’s an ever-increasing gang of squirrels here. They’re mostly grey, but I’ve seen black and brownish ones too. They chase each other around and make weird squeaky sounds. Unfortunately, they’re not a native species. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a native red squirrel.

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    1. Interesting, Audrey. I have seen red squirrels in Monterey but do not recall what squirrels I saw when we lived in Seattle years ago. I think the gray and the brownish ones are probably variations of the gray squirrels. Hope they are not too annoying. We’ve fed them today in honor of their appreciation day.

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      1. We lived next door to Romanian couple. The wife’s sister said “I am zee enemy of zee rodent,” when we talked to her about some gerbils we had. I have a feeling you are not zee enemy of zee squirrels.

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  4. Haha! 😀 I love the poem and now know that’s where the ‘chortling with glee’ sound is coming from! We have many squirrels in the garden, most grey ones and they ‘fly’ between the trees and wreck havoc on the birds feeders .. but they’re so cute! The thought of them as tree rats through has me less enamoured to them! 😀

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    1. They are essentially rodents with nicer fur and probably better PR. Glad you liked the poem and the blog post. We have a lot of squirrels in our neighborhood and we have been feeding for a few years. They have distinct personalities, not that I can tell them apart. Thanks for commenting, Annika.

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  5. I appreciate all squirrels but many people in the UK don’t like grey squirrels – they came from the US and are better at adapting than our native red ones so they push them out and the red ones are endangered as a result.

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