US Naval Institute Proceedings Project Update for 2021

by CDR Phil Eakins, USN (ret)–This is a USS Midway (CV-41) Library project.

The Proceedings Project is an effort started in late 2011 to summarize the Main Article and ancillary item types appearing in the U.S. Naval Institute’s Proceedings magazine, a professional journal of the sea services which has been published at varying intervals, now monthly, since 1874.  In the six-month period ending 31 December 2021, the team finished summarizing the final 29 of some 13,000 main articles remaining on 30 June 2021, thus completing Phase I of the Project.  They have now moved into Phase II, summarizing Comment and Discussion (C&D) items.  C&D items remark on previously appearing (Referenced) items in the magazine or express opinions relate information not directly connected to a previously appearing item (Standalone).  In addition, some team members are cataloging C&D items not yet cataloged and other item types, such a Professional Notes, in advance of summarizing them in later phases of the project. 

14 team members contributed during the second half of 2021: Barry Austin, Alan Blake, Don Campbell, Jim Cejka, Phil Eakin, David Gauss, Bruce Goodwin, Les Hane, Norman Kumabe, Martha Lepore, Joe Rangus, Marty Vehanen, David Wallace, and Ed Wong.  Barry, Don, and Jim reside out of state most or all of the year. 

Items completed in the second half of 2021 are listed below in typical order of most-to-least difficulty/time required for completion of a single item. 

There are still thousands of items to be cataloged and summarized and years of awe-inspiring work ahead. 


The database is not yet online and there are no plans to place it online in the near future, although we do use the database to gather material for the occasional researcher or research project.  The most recent request satisfied was for material on the Composite Warfare Commander (CWC) concept, which I believe is to be used in the Midway docent continuing education series. 

Close contact with the Naval Institute (USNI) has dissipated, especially through the pandemic, and I hope to revitalize that in the near future.  If the scheduled, in-person WEST Conference goes ahead in San Diego next month, I will try to set up a visit with one of the USNI reps there.  USNI is a co-sponsor of that multi-day event at the Convention Center.

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