Why I Like Volunteering on the Midway

Longtime readers know that I sometimes include posts about incidents or shipmates from the USS Midway where I have served as a volunteer for almost 8 years. There are several good reasons to be a volunteer anywhere that meets your wants/needs.

  • Opportunity to meet/socialize with like-minded people. (Human interaction is good for us mentally, physically, and emotionally.)
  • Opportunity to retain/learn new skills. (Keeps the mind and body in better working order.)
  • Opportunity to give back (if that is important to you).
  • Adds variety and challenge to you day (whether you volunteer remotely or go onsite).
  • If you are in the right volunteer situation, it can be fun, rewarding, challenging, learning opportunity, all of the above.

The Log recently interviewed some Midway volunteers including some of my friends in the library.

20 thoughts on “Why I Like Volunteering on the Midway”

  1. Your service on the Midway has been really important in your retirement. You have benefitted as much as the Midway’s library, staff, and patrons have. I’m so glad that you found this way to use your talents and experience. Thank you for sharing it here.

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    1. Good and accurate guess, Malc. Before COVID I would go up to Washington, DC, and copy things from the National Archives for them. Now I mostly do remote cataloging in the morning because we are 3 hours ahead of California.

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