He wore a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms when he entered the restaurant with two older companions (maybe his parents). He sat in the booth behind us. In the course of one minute, he said um more than five times and used like when he ran out of ums.

As much as I wanted to not hear his conversation, it was hard to avoid. The topics were always unremarkable but his repeated use of two words sparked an idea to create a new game: Tick Tac Um

It is a cross between tick-tack-toe and Bingo.

Every time, the kid used um one of us would write it into a tick tack toe square. Whenever he said like, the other one would write like into a square. I’m not sure who would have won.

19 thoughts on “Tick-Tac-Um”

  1. That’s funny, Pat. When I’m listening to an interview on the radio and start noticing that the person says “like” or some word frequently, I stop hearing what they’re actually saying and focus on that filler word. I think that happens when reading too, if a word is over-used.

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