Cars That Go Bump

There once was a girl in a car
who did not get to drive very far
while trying to turn
she had to re-learn
that stopped vehicles, her progress will bar.

Dedicated to the teenager that did not look ahead at the stopped vehicles ahead of her, when she was too preoccupied trying to make a left into a busy gas station to get something to eat. The good news is that nobody was hurt; the bad news is that three vehicles now need varying levels of repair.

Just found out the insurance company totaled the car because it would cost more to repair than the 5 year old car was worth.

35 thoughts on “Cars That Go Bump”

      1. You know most cars in Europe do not have cup holders or anything else that might resemble the sofa in your salon, and 99% are stick shift so you must use two hands and two feet to drive and still people, or should I say imprudent drivers, find ways of crashing because of distractions!

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          1. Yes, that’s how it is here and it also takes about 4 to 6 months to study, qualify and pass the examinations for the driving permit and costs over 450 Euros. Not easy, not cheap. In Florida you can do that in one hour for less than $25.

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  1. They just passed a bill where it is illegal to use the word Gay when talking to K-3rd graders in School–although I am uncertain why that would come up in normal primary education for those grades.


  2. Thanks, Andrea. We ended up having to get a new car and were the first of three couples looking at the two cars left on the lot. By today’s standards, we were lucky to find a car so quickly.


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