How Many Baggage Carousels Does Your Airport Have?

I have been in dozens of airports (mostly US) over the years and the large ones easily have multiple baggage carousels. (I tried to find some numbers but could not find the right wording to retrieve any type of answer from Google.)

Google ‘read’ the question Which airports have the most baggage claims as Which US Airlines Are Most Likely to Lose Your Luggage? American was the most likely to lose it, while the three airlines least likely to lose your luggage were Allegiant, Southwest, and Hawaii.

Key West Airport (EYW) has two carousels–one medium and one tiny one. In April 2021, we waited on the tarmac for an hour to even be assigned a gate to deplane and then another hour for our luggage to be put on the carousel.

Charlottesville Airport (CHO) has a half carousel. The single carousel disappears behind a wall for half its circuit. We have to plane and deplane in the open, using a portable ramp pushed up to the plane’s door. This is an improvement over having to climb up and down the stairs on the plane door.

One time, we must have landed when the entire luggage crew broke for dinner. We waited almost an hour for the luggage to come off the plane and finally placed upon the one-half luggage carousel.

The other half of the carousel disappears back behind the same wall.

22 thoughts on “How Many Baggage Carousels Does Your Airport Have?”

        1. The northeast corridor is the best of a poor situation. I have taken the train from DC a few times to New York City, Hartford, and Boston. We paid extra to experience the Acela but it was very crowded and experienced delays. On our return trip, the engine died 5 miles outside of Boston so by the time a new engine was found that had to pass us on another track and then back up to our train, we had sat in the cold for over an hour and because we missed our window, we were behind every other train on that route. Of course, Amtrack ignored any emails requesting a refund for the Acela price since we never got to experience that level of service.

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  1. I used to enjoy the thrill of flying but not anymore and the carousels are part of the reason. I once flew into Amsterdam and waited ages. When my bag finally arrived (and it was the very last one) it got stuck in such a way that only a member of staff could retrieve it – but do you think I could find anybody?

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  2. Charlotte (CLT) has five or six carousels. All of them have portions behind a wall. I almost never check a bag and rely on a carry on and backpack and doing laundry on longer trips. I prefer boarding and disembarking using airstairs rather than jet bridges. At least gerbil tubes have a view.

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    1. Thanks for commenting, John. There is merit in only bringing carry-on luggage. On the regional jets (like out of CHO), unless it is a very small purse, you at least have to check it and pick it up at the bottom of the airstairs. I’m not fond of carousels but I am less fond of fighting for a space in the overhead compartment and lugging stuff through a widespread terminal like Charlotte or Phoenix where the terminal I land in is never the terminal I depart from.

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  3. Surprisingly, Rome (Italy) Fiumicino airport has become relatively efficient lately. Has about 20 carousels and last few trips didn’t even wait. I’m wondering now if I dreamt it ?!


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