Gender blending

At the gym today, I saw a trim, older man climbing out of the jacuzzi. His pecs had started to sag and had begun to look like moobs.

Have you noticed that as we age and start to lose muscle tone and firmer skin, we begin to look more like each other? Our hair thins and grays, our shapes shift and soften, as our ability to do most things easily declines. (Who would have thought that getting up off the floor would count as exercise and leave you huffing?)

She starts plucking hair on her chin and if particularly hair suit may have her chin waxed. The hair on her legs becomes sparser than the hair on his head. Each holds out hoping that the other will get up first. You become nostalgic for the capabilities you still had a few years earlier.

Declining eyesight is a mixed blessing–you can not clearly see that your looks are withering, but hopefully not your mind or sense of humor. Cheaters become stronger and get to the point where they may no longer help.

You become much noisier–popping joints, snoring, having your phone set to a louder volume so you do not miss a text, phone call, or email, entertaining the world with the randomness of your thoughts as you vocally analyze things that pass through your head.

Bedtime arrives earlier with the passage of time. Seven goes from being the normal dinner time to being the normal bedtime.

Your definition of fun may change to how much effort it requires. Distance is measured by how far away the nearest bathroom (preferably with a tall boy toilet) is.

Clothing requirements change from does it look good to is it easy to get on and off?

What you may lose in height you may gain in weight.

41 thoughts on “A-G-E”

          1. We’ll see. It’s being investigated and there is talk of him being thrown out of the Academy. It would be hard for him to get work if that happened. (not that he needs the money).

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    1. Hit the like button a second time and your like will disappear. We each create our own reality of what aging means. But I have noticed that sometimes it is harder to tell old women and old men apart (and it is not for the same sexual reasons that we may ask is that a boy or a girl when they are in their teens)


  1. I was surprised when this trim older gentleman turned partially around and he had moobs. I normally see those on heavier men or men that look less fit. It lead to think about other aging traits where many seniors begin to look unisex.

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  2. Happened so long ago for me I forget when it started , Pat. All I can say is I just adjusted as I went along and tried not to think about the negatives of growing old and realized that if I didn’t grow old I would be dead.

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