Cabell on Literature

You may write it, but once it is published, it becomes whatever the reader thinks.

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Three  quotes by James Cabell:

“A book, once it is printed and published, becomes individual. It is by its publication as decisively severed from its author as in parturition a child is cut off from its parent. The book “means” thereafter, perforce, — both grammatically and actually, — whatever meaning this or that reader gets out of it.”

“A novel, or indeed any work of art, is not intended to be a literal transcription from Nature … Life is a series of false values. There it is always the little things that are greatest. Art attempts to remedy this. It may be defined as an expurgated edition of Nature.”

Poetry is man’s rebellion against being what he is.”

“Un libro, una volta stampato e pubblicato, diventa un individuo a se stante. Con la sua pubblicazione viene nettamente separato dal suo autore come durante il parto un bambino è separato…

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    1. Wonderful post, Derrick. I enjoyed the further enlightenment about Cabell. Sounds like you were being led a merry chase by several different bureaucracies besides your informative take on Cabell.

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