WordPress Removes Useful Info with Its Cleaner Layout

On April 20, I noticed that WordPress had a new layout for comments.

We also lose that capability when somebody likes a post.

I like being able to check out the post of somebody who likes one of my posts or who comments. Sometimes they are first-time visitors or people who come by infrequently.

This is a blogger I do not recall visiting before. I tried to Google the only information that is provided and could not find a blog site to see if this is a blogger I might enjoy following. I did find it in Reader but I don’t habitually use Reader and hate having WordPress dictate what I must do to find something.

Yes, I do fall into the trap that if you like one of my posts, especially if you also comment, I will try to reciprocate and check out your post. Some of the blogs I visit are not necessarily ones that I want to follow, but I like them well enough to drop by and reciprocate.

WordPress, please us give back the additional info. Sometimes a cleaner look is not really an improvement if you have stripped away useful information. Do you prefer the old look or the cleaner new look?

37 thoughts on “WordPress Removes Useful Info with Its Cleaner Layout”

  1. I haven’t noticed the changes to the comment feature yet because I haven’t blogged since they did it. But I absolutely hate the new notification emails! You used to be able to easily jump to the webpage from the top of the email. Now you have to scroll and backdoor into the the page. Blergh. Boo hiss.

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  2. I haven’t noticed, actually. I also try to visit blogs of people who like but don’t comment (I always respond to comments). The way I do it is to go to my Home page, then to Posts (on the left side). You see a list of all your posts, most recent first. If you click on the 3 dots beside each one you can go to Stats, which shows you the icons of all the bloggers who liked that post. I right-click on the icon, which takes me to that blog. I spend about an hour a couple of days a week doing these blog “visits.”

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    1. I have to blame that on pilot error. I was reading it in comments which do not display things accurately. I understood the order of the comments when I read the comments at the bottom of the blog post.

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  3. I totally agree, argh! Also, it may be just a coincidence, but when I go to “like” a response to my comment, I get a “timed out” error. That never happened before. So it’s more clicks now to get back to the post to “like” a response to my comment.

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  4. I haven’t noticed this new aspect you’re talking about yet. I think it’s negative and irritating
    Luckily the comments on my blog still have a link to the website of the person who comments and I hope that everything will remain like this

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  5. I noticed the same thing. Have you noticed a drop in your views over the past few days. (I have but it could be because I’m running out of steam from writing a poem every day this month.)

    I assume WP is making things more difficult for some reason, probably money. I just haven’t figured out how they profit from making things less useful.

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    1. I was just able to contact WP support. The agent just couldn’t do anything about it but they wrote that they’d pass my comments up the chain of command. (It’s at the bottom of their “My Home” dashboard. A link to Contact Support but it forces you into a chat session.)

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