Vlad the Imploder

He planned an invasion
that was supposed to be quick
It wasn't successful
Is Vlad really sick?

The carnage was high
Lots of buildings destroyed
Deceptions and lies
were immediately deployed

Casulties mounted 
progress was halted
Troops redeployed
and civilians assaulted

The Ukranian victory
not  yet achieved
Russian alibies
seldom believed

Can  a Jew be a Nazi
as Vlad has proclaimed?
This re-written history
where the victim is blamed.

They made me do it!
Vlad's head is exploding,
in the meantime
his victory just keeps imploding.

Cracked brick wall painted with a Ukrainian flag on the left and a Russian flag on the right.

26 thoughts on “Vlad the Imploder”

  1. You’ve summed it up brilliantly Pat. We’re at a critical stage where Vlad the Imploder is concerned. He doesn’t seem well, and what could happen next is anyone’s guess.

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    1. Thanks, Malc. In the US, they are reporting he may have blood or colon cancer. His face is quite bloated and when he meets with anyone, they are at opposite ends of a medieval-style banqueting table. Something isn’t right besides starting an unnecessary war.

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