Evolving Bully Culture

For several weeks, Holly has ruled the pasture and the fenceline during chow call. The good news for Buddy, the Bullies, and Nanny is that Holly is usually the last animal to amble up to the fence so they have a reasonable chance of getting most of the offerings.

This past week, the three donkeys have been grazing close to the fence when we show up. (We usually show up in early or midafternoon but we can also show up in the morning or late afternoon so there is no set time on when the chowline will be open. We also do not show up every day.)

This week also had a chance of rain almost every day. We know from experience that the goats are reluctant to come out of the shed and get wet. However, our visits usually coincide when it is not raining.

On Thursday, Bully Senior was the only goat to come out to partake of the offerings, when Bob hee-hawed. We saw Bully Junior gazing at us from the shed. Normally he is the first one out of the shed and trots at a brisk pace so he gets at least one of the treats before being butted by Bully Senior.

That day we also noticed that Holly had a bite on her back, sort of like the type of bite she tries to use on the goats or Buddy.

Holly’s bite can be seen as a red blotch just below her mane.

When we went to the farm on Friday, not a single goat appeared. It was just the three donkeys–so Holly only had Buddy to boss around. She seemed to enjoy chasing him off.

I’ll be curious to see who shows up and in what condition on our next visit.

This weekend the bullies were at one end of the fence while the donkeys were in the middle. A swarm of children was feeding the animals so there was enough distraction and feeders to accommodate all of the animals.

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