The Dichotomy of Sand

Dichotomy – a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Is sand a metaphor for life?

Hard sand is
to walk upon

While soft sand
is harder
to trudge through

Is your life hard or soft?
 Does it depend upon the
foundation you have laid
beneath your feet?

26 thoughts on “The Dichotomy of Sand”

  1. Sand is a very good metaphor for a lot of things: relationships, foundations, time, the list goes on.
    If you build your house on sand, it will eventually collapse. But if you mix sand with water and cement your foundation will be strong and long lasting.
    More paradox.

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  2. Or which part of the beach you choose to walk on–firm damp sand or loose dry sand, or sand studded with rocks, or rounded cobbles (which are impossible to walk on!) I’ve tried them all, and I’m sure they can be turned into metaphors.

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          1. One time we stayed around Nags Head and another time around the Emerald Isle area. At the time, I lived in Murfreesboro, NC, which is inland and close to the VA border. I sure miss the beautiful scenery in your part of the country!

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  3. Put sand in a ‘box’ and a kid has a sandbox….
    Yet you can’t get a bedrock with a bed of rocks.
    But a sandbox can be a bedrock for a girl or boy
    If it’s a mainstay of play and a fount of joy.

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