When the Canned Response Does Not Work

Have you ever tried to contact Tech Support about a problem only to have them read from a script that does not address any of the issues that you have tried to convey?

On May 28, I had that experience with WordPress, when several blogs that I have followed for over a year suddenly would not allow me to either like or comment. At the same time I was having this problem with my PC, I was able to both like and comment on my cellphone.

I had told them I could comment and like from my cellphone but not from my computer.

From WordPress: We noticed you were able to log in,

Me: That was from the cellphone but not the computer.

WordPress: Have you logged into WordPress,

Me: I have WordPress open to work on an upcoming post.

Per their request, I began to show them screen shots of subsequent transactions, including the different between a cellphone response and a computer response.

It took them a few days before they continued the email conversation. They wanted to know which sites were giving me problems so I send them the links.

From WordPress: You will need to login to your WordPress.com account to be able to like a post. If you are not logged in when you try to like a post, you will see a pop-up asking you to login to your account, once you login you will be able to like the post.

Me. I am logged into WordPress. I sent them a screen shot of that day’s statistics as proof.

They then asked me if I had logged into a different WordPress account–I only have this one account.

Finally on June 2, WordPress gave me some options that did not involve asking me questions I thought I had already answered.

WordPress: Can you try clearing your cache on your computer by following these steps?

Me: Cleared the cache. It did not clear up the problem.

WordPress: In order to eliminate the issue as being related to the account login, can you go to the link shared below, and send, via screenshot, what you see there, please:


It didn’t show any problem.

WordPress: From the image, it looks like you are using Firefox. In the browser, can you please check what level your security settings are at? (WP press thought it might have been set on Strict which could have been causing the problem.)

Me: It is set on standard.

WordPress: I’d suggest you to try other browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc and see if the same issue persists across browsers. They also recommended that I refresh Firefox

Me: Google allowed me to like, but still required me to log in when I wanted to comment. However, when I refreshed Firefox, it worked like a charm. I am once again a happy camper.

40 thoughts on “When the Canned Response Does Not Work”

  1. I had a funny exchange with WordPress some months ago. I couldn’t see anything but a white screen so I went to some help screens and each one led down the same path: log in and then go to the dashboard. Well, if the screen weren’t blank, maybe I could find my way around the dashboard.

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  2. I am sorry to hear about your misadventure and I am happy that you managed to solve it. Sometimes, and not only on WP, whoever should help solve the problems doesn’t seem to understand what we are talking about or asks for operations that cannot be performed precisely because of that problem

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  3. I’m pleased that you got there eventually Pat. I can ill afford to lose a β€˜Like’ from you 😊 Everything seems to be done by ticking the right boxes these days and I’m not just talking about technology either.

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  4. I asked them a question reference upgrading and they sent me to the forums! I have noticed that now most companies do not want to reply to inquiries or much less complaints. It is so frustrating to call any company now and if they do provide a phone contact, you have to spend so much time listening to recordings, menus and other rubbish. Well, I just found out that in Spain the government of the Kingdom passed a law that all companies must reply to phone calls in three minutes or less or face fines…

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  5. Yimminy Christmas. I’ve been having similar problems. Websites I follow and comment on regularly won’t allow me to like and comment unless I log in again. Right now I don’t have the mental bandwidth to try and fix it but I’ll come back to you if I need help. πŸ™‚
    Glad it’s all worked out.

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    1. Thanks, JM. The trick that worked for me was to refresh Firefox. It also kicked me out of all of the websites that I remain logged into on my own computer.


      1. I use Chrome. I don’t even know how to refresh it! And what kills me is that I have admin rights to post on the Living Poetry blog and that won’t keep me logged in. Oy.


  6. Help lines are often inundated with problems and can’t afford to be choosy and slow and detailed the way they really should be in an ideal world.

    In an ideal world, there would be a team of listeners — all experts — eagerly waiting with baited breath to POUNCE on your problem.

    In an ideal world.

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  7. You have such patience, Pat! Interestingly, I just finished reading a post at Jacqui Murray’s blog about weird WordPress issues, and she suggested trying another browser, too. Next time I have problems, I will!

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  8. I can’t “like” this post (Imagine that!) but I don’t have the technical knowledge to even ask the right questions. Words like “Firefox,” “cache,” etc. are like a foreign language to me. I have sadly given up on some bloggers. I read their posts and enjoy them, but I have no way to let them know (especially when “Comments are closed.”) other than doing what you did, which I don’t have time for, since I would need to take a course in blogging first to even understand the terms.πŸ™„. I get about 150 emails a day, which keeps me busy enough, so hopefully anyone I’ve been neglecting will see this and understand. πŸ˜•(“It’s not you, it’s me.”)

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