4 thoughts on “To Whom Does Race Matter?”

  1. I respectfully disagree. I would have agreed 100% when I was a child, teenager, young adult. My family isn’t racist. We’re nice to black people. Um… yeah we were. We are. But I grew up hearing my elders “OTHER” people all the time. They referred to “those people” fill in the blank. Yes there were “good” black people and then there were “bad” black people. (All New Yorkers. Nice uh). As I learned more about racism I used to call it “casual racism” but now I know that it is white privilege. We didn’t ask for it or didn’t know we had it but my white family of European decent benefited from the system, even though my family wasn’t wealthy.

    Of course character is important. But I notice race. I can’t “unsee it.” AND I notice CULTURE. Examples: Look at those big Indian weddings. I notice that Black women ___ OK, I can’t think of an example at 6 am. But when I notice, I stop and rethink. Am I noticing race or am I noticing culture?

    The point is really that while this is a nice thing to say, it is way too simplistic. AND , darn it I HAVE SHARED TOO MUCH. Apparently I need to be writing my own blog posts. 😉 Thanks Pat.

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  2. I agree with your quote Pat! It’s about time that people started thinking about people as simply people and not thinking or being preoccupied with their race, ethnicity or national origin. We are all members of the same human race.


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