Fetal Americans

Dear Supremes,

As a fetal American, I appreciate what you did for me today

But what becomes of me after I am born?

If I am not a white male, I’m irrelevant.

If I have any special needs you don’t want anything to do with me unless my parents can afford any treatments.

I have to be a conservative, white, heterosexual male for you to want to hear my opinion. Otherwise I am invisible and/or woke.

You totally support me while I’m preborn. What will you do about me once I’m no longer connected to an umbilical cord?

Respectfully yours,

Fetal American

24 thoughts on “Fetal Americans”

      1. No, and in a free country the power resides with the people through their elected representatives not with judges. Judges that should not be there for life but that should be rotated among the whole of the judiciary. I am appalled. Not even in my country, Spain, the last of the Catholic countries do you find such prohibitions of individual freedoms. I hope the people can overturn this lunacy, this extreme right wing religious dictatorship!

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  1. I don’t agree with – “If I am not a white male, I’m irrelevant.” It was certainly true years ago, but not in today’s reality. But your work here does bring up a point that people don’t think through, What happens after I’m born?

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    1. I understand that the white male comment rankles. I do benefit from white privilege but being older and female makes my friends and me all to easy too ignore which is a form of marginalization
      No one prefers to be marginalized. Now groups that were not marginalized find themselves being so and don’t like it any better than those who are the more frequent targets

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    1. Good questions, Roy. I have an answer which may not be THE answer. Abortion opponents have been working to overturn Roe v. Wade since it passed in the 1970s. In Barrack Obama’s last year as President, Mitch McConnell who was the Senate Majority Leader at the time, changed the rules so that a Supreme Court Justice could not be brought up for consideration during the President’s final year in office so that the next President could nominate that person’s pick. During Trump’s last year as President, Mitch changed the rules again so that Trump was able to select nominees for two vacancies including after the election process was already in play. Cries of unfair fell on deaf ears. With an earlier vacancy, plus these two vacancies allowed Trump to nominate three conservative justices during his presidential term. The four justices nominated by McConnell’s change the rules for Supreme Court Justices gave the Court a Conservative majority which allowed the abortion provenance to be in control of the states but the gun control to be the provenance of the federal government when they overturned a 100 year old New York State law on requirements for concealed carry. Simple, right?


  2. I love this Pat, you have named it clearly, and in the form of a question, a kind of “So?” and a “What now?” George Carlin once wrote: “Conservatives aren’t pro-life, they’re anti-women.” I would add that they’re pro-white male a point you and I have picked up on. Well said Pat, though wouldn’t it be wonderful if it didn’t need saying in the first place? Looking for a glimmer of hope.

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  3. Paul, I really appreciate you coming over to see what had happened here. I totally agree with you and Carlin. One has to have hope otherwise what do we have? Someday this too shall pass.


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