Movable Feast of the Guinea Fowl

Football shaped bodies
with quail heads attached
meander across the grasslands
searching for bugs.

A delicacy appears
amble turns into trot
as inspection is needed
to confirm what 's been sighted.

The fowls move on
into their owner's yard
pecking  bugs from their feathers
instead of the dirt.
Lunch is served--BYOB
Bring your own Bugs.

Beset by bugs and humidity
I wish I could eat what bugs me.

18 thoughts on “Movable Feast of the Guinea Fowl”

  1. Ha! “I wish I could eat what bugs me.” That’s fabulous, Pat. Love the whole poem. Guineas are really interesting birds. In TN, GA, and AL, old folks out in the country used them as a great low-tech alarm system. I remember trying their eggs once when I was a teen. (A cousin’s grandma had a flock of them and really did count on them to sound the alarm, as prowlers had been in the area robbing things.) Hugs on the wing.

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