Challenge: What Story Would You Come Up with for Hanging the Moon?

Hanging the Moon photo blog post garnered a lot of comments. Malc from EasyMalc commented that the photo essay came from “a Polish chap called Cris Froese.”

I wondered what other stories might be told about this photo series. Either share your story in the comments or share it on your own blog and share the link in comments. Werewolves, lunar grand theft, man escaping from the moon, car with a need for more cubic feet in the trunk…

Don Ostertag, came up with this scenario in yesterday’s comments. ‘What a clever trick! Of course he has to watch where it is seen. Somebody might report him as a thief.”

22 thoughts on “Challenge: What Story Would You Come Up with for Hanging the Moon?”

  1. I’m not clever enough for this sort of request Pat, but there must be songs that somebody might be able to come up with. Maybe something along the feeble lines of β€˜Drive me to the Moon’ 😊

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          1. Thank heavens for Sissi. I thought I was no longer mosquito bait, but this year is proving me wrong. Try to stay cool. Makes me appreciate my AC every time I go out after 9 am.

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