14 thoughts on “America’s Views on Banned Books”

  1. I can’t define bad taste but I’ll know it when I see it. And I could see a lot of it on TV, but nobody talks about banning those phony ‘reality’ shows.
    Book banning is the answer for people with large prejudices and small minds.

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  2. I am NOT a fan of book banning or censorship in any form, however, I do think they should be age appropriate and have parental consent some some topics. Just because I do not favor book banning does NOT meat that all books are appropriate for everyone.

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  3. Parents deciding what book is appropriate for their child is fine. Parents deciding what books are not right for somebody else’s child is abrogating that parents’ rights. Many of these people think that they are the keeper of community morals and values.

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    1. I thought so too, Michele. I was surprised that most Americans do not support banning books but dismayed that those that do are getting their way too often. You are now telling me what I can or can not let my own child read.

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