September 28 is National Drink Beer Day

I have never been a fan of beer and I am the only member of my family who feels that way. When it comes to beer, I do not hop to it, probably because of the taste of hops.

Although the URL say 2019, this is a list of all of the Beer Related Holidays in 2022. (As if football season were not reason enough to drink beer…)

Here are the excuses (er days) to celebrate drinking beer for the rest of the year:

September 28: Drink Beer Day

Drink Beer Day? Isn’t that everyday?

October 3: Last Day of Oktoberfest

The last day of Oktoberfest is always a sad one. End on a high note by drinking your favourite German beers and singing songs with your best pals.

October 9: Beer and Pizza Day

This day is perfect for anyone who commonly wonders “what should I have for dinner tonight?

October 14: Homebrewing Legalization Day

October 14 is the anniversary of the day that homebrewing was legalized in the United States, thanks to President Jimmy Carter, in 1978.

October 27: National American Beer Day

Today’s the day to whip out all your favourite American beers. The second best American holiday besides the 4th of July, of course…oh, and also second best to the other “National Beer Day” in the U.S. that falls on April 7th.

October 31: Halloween

We know that Halloween doesn’t really have anything to do with beer… but let’s drink it anyways! The kids get their candy and the adults get their beer. Here are some of our favourite beers to drink on Halloween night.

November 3: International Stout Day

Finally a day for all you stout lovers! Not sure about stouts or don’t know anything about the beer style? That’s okay! Click here to learn more about stouts.

November 5: Learn How To Home-brew Day

The first Saturday of November is Learn to Homebrew Day. If you’ve been thinking of getting into home-brewing, today is your day!

December 1: First Day of Your Beer Advent Calendar

If you’ve ordered a beer advent calendar, this is usually the day you get to open up your first beer and begin your 24 days of drinking! (Some calendars are only 12 days, so you would start on December 12th!)

December 5: National Repeal Day

Did you know that there was a 13-year-long nation-wide Prohibition that criminalized the consumption of alcohol in the United States? On December 5th, the Prohibition (a.k.a. the “Great Experiment”) was lifted and Americans were free to consume alcohol again.

December 10: National Lager Day

Lagers are some of the most popular beer styles in the world. Celebrate today by cracking open your favourite lager beers and reading this post to learn a little bit more about lagers.

December 31: New Years Eve

Cheers to the New Year! New Year’s is usually associated with Champagne, however, beer is so much better. Don’t believe us? Check out these beers to pop instead of Champagne on NYE!

31 thoughts on “September 28 is National Drink Beer Day”

  1. I’m not crazy about beer, even though I used to beg for sips from my parents’ glasses if they had beer when friends came over. The good thing about beer these days, for me, is that I’m not tempted to drink too much because I find it to be so filling.

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