Good bye, Goats

We haven’t seen the goats since May because Buddy kept bullying them with harmful intentions.

Yesterday, Bob heard from the lady who works in the store that David, the owner had sold them to another person who would treat them well.

I took one final picture of the animal sign to see if the goats were still included–they were.

Probably the last picture of the goats we will ever see

Some candids of our caprine friends…

33 thoughts on “Good bye, Goats”

    1. Any animal that you have grown fond of is hard to say good by to. We had bonded with these goats. They knew us and would come up to the fence. When we left, they all stuck their heads out between the slats as if to say, “Don’t leave us.”

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      1. My mom had a deer she named Baby, that came to her property every few weeks to hang out, and this continued for many years. She never seemed to have a partner or a group, but she was friendly and seemed to like my mom. One day she showed up covered in blood and limping, and my mom said, “This is probably the last time we’ll see her.” But Baby was a survivor and soon recovered and a year later began bringing her own babies to visit. When my mom moved to a new house a few miles away, Baby was all we could talk about, and we all hoped, somehow, Baby would find us at the new location. Of course, that didn’t happen, but to this day, we still talk about her.

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