Donkeys Are Chow Hounds

The same day that we found out the goats were gone, we also fed the donkeys.

Bob gave his best hee-haw and Holly appeared around the side of the shed. She stared at him quizzically, “Is this really worth my time and effort?”

Buddy had no second thoughts as he trotted toward the fence, braying in a rather asthmatic way. He wanted to ensure he got his fair share of the sweet potato medallions and baby carrots before Emmett and Holly arrived at the fence to push him aside.

Buddy was correct. As soon as the other two got to the fence, he was nudged to one side. Fortunately for him there were two of us feeding the donkeys out of two different plastic dishes.

Within a few seconds, both dishes were empty. Buddy blew donkey slobber mist onto my hand in his eagerness to get the last few bites. That boy could really use a class in how to eat properly and not like a jack ass.

While Bob was in the store finding out about the goats and purchasing chocolate chip cookies for their dessert, Buddy lead the trio in verbally complaining about the wait.

What gives? We’re still hungry?

You know the drill, you’ll get fed as soon as he comes out of the store.

And your point?

See there he is.

They shut up as soon as they recognized him walking towards the fence.

Buddy was so eager to eat the cookie that I put near his mouth, that he knocked some of it to the grass. I picked it up and fed him the rest of it, although, neither he or Holly are too good to eat food off the ground.

Spoiled Emmett is still too good to eat dropped food, although at one year old, he has lost the charm and cuteness he had as a young colt. He’ll learn when Holly has her next foal sometime next year. She is getting quite round through the midsection.

17 thoughts on “Donkeys Are Chow Hounds”

  1. Thankfully we do, GP. The donkeys do like their food and there is very little they will not eat. Their manners leave a bit to be desired, the goats were much less aggressive when eating, except for the bullying to see who got the food.


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