Technology, Traffic and the DMV

A few days ago, I had an appointment at the DMV to pick something up. They recommended getting there 15 minutes early but would not allow you to check in using a QR code until 10 minutes before your appointment.

When I tried to check in about 13 minutes early, I got an automated message: Too early to check in.

I thought about going inside and getting in line, but figured it would take less time to wait outside and just use the QR code at the 10 minute point. While I was standing outside the door, two gentlemen went inside to stand in line.

At the 10 minute point, I successfully used the QR code and was assigned my ticket number so I would know when and where it was my turn to go up to the window to talk to the clerk. The only problem was the number kept disappearing off my phone so I could only hope that I recognized the number when it flashed up on the overhead sign.

Within two minutes, my ticket number flashed overhead on the sign. I approached the window, explaining that my number had disappeared off my phone and I hoped this was the correct window. The clerk was not bothered by this and proceeded to conduct the business at hand.

As I left, less than 5 minutes after I had gotten checked in. The two men who has passed me while I was waiting for the QR code to work, were still in line to be checked in and assigned a ticket where they would then wait for that ticket to be displayed on the big overhead sign.

California has a similar appointment system and I noticed that we were in and out of the much busier Chula Vista California DMV while the people who did not have an appointment were still waiting in line to get in when we left with new California drivers’ licenses.

After leaving the DMV, I went to a Starbucks across the street. I had my left turn signal on waiting for oncoming traffic to finish so I could make the turn safely. The impatient person behind me decided to pass me on the left (since the street was fairly wide and without a painted lane divider.) She honked as she flashed past me so I would not hit her when I was finally able to make a left. Needless to say, my thoughts about her were not kind. I guess since she was continuing straight, the oncoming traffic was no concern for her.

19 thoughts on “Technology, Traffic and the DMV”

  1. I can totally understand your feeling. Luckily I have been getting to renew online with 15 or 16 digit code they have been sending since last 8 years. My last DMV visit was in 2014 but every 2 years we have a emission check that is drive through and a separate place.

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