Where Hence Democracy?

I'm afraid that our Democracy
has decayed into Gerontocracy
Content with mediocrity
and a helping of hypocrisy

Is the best that we can be
in what was the called the land of the free
There has never been a guarantee
So what you get is what you see

A house divided can not stand
As the dinosaurs continue to roam the land
Why do they fail to understand
Their time has past and now out of hand?

14 thoughts on “Where Hence Democracy?”

  1. Good poem Pat, although I’m not sure who the words are aimed at. If it’s the American political class, then you know I won’t comment publicly on another democratic country’s political situation. In this case, it’s for the American people to decide what they want. That said, I’ve thought for quite sometime that subversive elements are at play where Western democracy is concerned, and I think we all have to look deeper into why democracy is under threat (it is here in the UK too) than just how it appears on the surface.

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    1. It was directed at US politics. Except for Vice President Harris, our top 3 elected officials are in their 70s or 80s. Same in the previous administration for most of the top leaders. You’re right about attacks on democracy world wide but I’m talking about too many fossils running the government.

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  2. A few senior statesmen for experience and wisdom is fine. US and many other countries are denying a generation the chance to participate in government other than voting, and some countries are even trying to restrict that.


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