13 thoughts on “Reblog: Coffee Rationing During WWII”

    1. Derrick, is it that you do no like Starbucks or there is no Starbucks nearby? At least in the States, it is more expensive than other coffee places. I do like their chai lattes and iced green tea.


        1. Very informative, Derrick. My Starbucks experience (from all over the US) has never been as bad as what you experienced. Our downtown Starbucks are not as nice as the suburbs because of the crowds and people seeking shelter.

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  1. I never started drinking coffee until much later in life, mainly because as I seem to remember that all we had available during my formative years was ‘Camp Coffee’ which was made with chicory. It was worse than taking medecine.

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  2. “Troops acquired a taste for burned, bitter, black coffee; taking in both its stimulating effects and opportunity to bond with other soldiers.” – Stuck out. I like my coffee sweet with half-n-half. There is already too much suffering in the world. Now I have a yen for coffee ice cream

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