Sometimey Donkeys

The day after Thanksgiving was a flash back to early October/late September with the temperature hitting 70. Bob had cooked sweet potatoes to feed the donkeys. He hee-hawed twice before going into Wyant’s store to get cookies. While he was in there, I hee-hawed also. When he came out he brayed once more. No body came, so we gave the sweet potatoes to something else.

On other days, Buddy is the first to appear or Holly and Emmett are the first to arrive. Whoever get there first, usually gets a plastic dish of sweet potato to himself or themselves. Sometimes the latecomer gets nothing but cookies.

Holly and Emmett are still close, although they push each other’s noses out of the way. Emmett has also learned to push his father away as quickly as Holly does. Bob reports that Dave Wyant has plans to sell Emmett since two male jacks in the pasture is one jack to many. Holly is supposedly due in February.

Sometimes we can eat together, just stay out of my way.

Sometime the family remains close enough to be fed at the same time, with lots of nose pushing aside.

Other times, Buddy is exiled away from mother and son.

35 thoughts on “Sometimey Donkeys”

  1. We were not going to let the food go to waste, just because the donkeys did not show up. Sometimes deer eat the food, other times depending on the food, it can be foxes, groundhogs, squirrels, or even crows. Very irregularly, it may be a black bear who has come in from the mountains looking for food.


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