December Full Moon–December 7

About December’s Cold Full Moon

December full moon is commonly known in the Northern Hemisphere as the Full Long Nights Moon. It takes its name from the winter solstice, which has the longest night in the year. The Full Long Nights Moon cuts a soaring trajectory through the wintery skies, in direct opposition to the low-hanging sun. According to Pagan tradition, on years that the Full Moon falls before the winter solstice, it is referred to as the Mourning Moon. For our early Pagan ancestors this was a time of cleansing by stopping bad habits to make one stronger to service the cold winter ahead. The Algonquins called this full moon the Cold Moon, in reference to the cold light it casts upon long winter nights. Strangely enough, in certain other cultures, December’s full moon can actually be associated with warmth.

As night draws 
a dark curtain
across the sky
and coldness knocks
on doors and windows,
time turns inward and
reviews what has past
and what is to be.

Turn negativity
into positivity
creating an image
of warmth and light
enough to share
with a world 
in desperate need
of both.

25 thoughts on “December Full Moon–December 7”

  1. I didn’t know about the Mourning Moon. Interesting. The moon here right now is veiled in fuzzy clouds; maybe a mourning veil? Sadly, we won’t see the Moon eclipse Mars; it’s already hidden by those clouds.
    Your poem expresses that aspect in the first verse, with a hopeful outlook in the second.


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