From Literary History–Some Books Entering the Public Domain in the US in 2023

So what’s on the table this year? Though copyright laws differ from country to country, on January 1st, 2023, books that were published in 1927 will enter the public domain in the United States. Here’s a selection of the most interesting:

Herbert Asbury, The Gangs of New York

Willa Cather, Death Comes for the Archbishop

Agatha Christie, The Big Four

Countee Cullen, ed., Caroling Dusk: An Anthology of Verse by Negro Poets

Franklin W. Dixon, The Tower Treasure (The Hardy Boys #1)

Franklin W. Dixon, The House on the Cliff (The Hardy Boys #2)

Franklin W. Dixon, The Secret of the Old Mill (The Hardy Boys #3)

Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger”

Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place”

E.M. Forster, Aspects of the Novel

Ernest Hemingway, Men Without Women

Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

Franz Kafka, Amerika

Anita Loos, But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes

Edith Wharton, Twilight Sleep

Thornton Wilder, The Bridge of San Luis Rey

Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

24 thoughts on “From Literary History–Some Books Entering the Public Domain in the US in 2023”

    1. I am familiar with Project Gutenberg and been reading books from it for years, Audrey. One thing that is interesting is that because the different copyright laws, some titles in Project Gutenberg are legal if copied from a different country than the United States.

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  1. Copyright and public domain laws are Labyrinth! So of course I had to look it up, again, just for giggles. Ha! Found this chart: It’s enough to give anyone a headache.

    But, I know you know this Pat, but I didn’t, under Government Words: Works prepared by an officer or employee of the US Government as part of that person’s official duties are always in the public domain.

    Good to know!

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  2. I did know that JM, as a retired fed. Some civilian companies take government provided information, repackage it, and sell it for a profit. Copyright is more complicated than one might expect.

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