January 22 is Chinese New Year or Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day or Chinese Spring Festival

All three titles are used in National Today’s January 22nd Holidays.

Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day is celebrated every year on the first day of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar, typically occurring between January 21 and February 20. This year, it falls on January 22. It is also commonly referred to as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. Celebrations last for 15 days, seven of which are work-free. During this fun period, families get together, cash gifts are handed to young people, and homes are thoroughly cleaned to usher in fresh blessings for the new year.


The celebration will last until February 5. It is the Year of the Rabbit.

This is one of many Spring holidays celebrated around the world about this time.

19 thoughts on “January 22 is Chinese New Year or Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day or Chinese Spring Festival”

  1. Thanks for the explanation of it all Pat. The Chinese seem to have this right at least. Blue Monday probably doesn’t happen for them because they’re too busy preparing for the New Year and could argue with it lasting for a fortnight or more!

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      1. Sounds to me like a hate crime; but it could be a incidence due to the opportunity of shooting a lot of people in one location and might be linked to an attempt to kill in a dace hall a few miles away that occurred a few days ago.

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