When Are You Old?

Age is a sliding scale. At what age are you really old?

My cousin’s husband shared this story. At Marian Manor (a Catholic home for the aged), a bus was available on Christmas Eve to take those residents that wanted or needed to ride from the residence to the nearby church. He was offering the residents assistance up the stairs if they needed it. One lady asked him to please fetch her glasses from her room because she would need them to follow the mass. When he gave them to the lady, the 90 something told him “I don’t like to wear them normally because they make me look old.”

My youthful friend in her late 80s, laughed at me this week when I complained about getting old. She graduated from high school the year after I was born.

In my 40’s I thought that old age was glasses, gray hair and wrinkles. I now know that is the easy part and can be tolerated or compensated without a lot of hassles.

What do you consider old and why?


35 thoughts on “When Are You Old?”

  1. I think, Pat, that you are old when you lose interest in the world around you, don’t watch the news, read the paper, don’t feel moved by the beauty of nature, don’t wear make-up,
    feel any desire, and have no interest in helping others,
    humans or animals.


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  2. The Who sang “Hope I die before get old” and that certainly happened to Keith Moon, but Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are still going strong. In that context, Mad Man Moon was old at 32 and the other two are still young.

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  3. I don’t recognize names of many current actors or musicians in the news these days, so I know my tastes are no longer in tune with the times. I don’t usually feel old, but I’m clearly getting older.

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  4. Age is an attitude. And for the life of me all I can picture is Phyllis Diller on Dancing with the Stars, heal on the judges platform as she slid her chest across the top.
    Seems like a feisty determination is a good skill to have.

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  5. It’s cliche, but I believe feeling “old” is more about attitude, than a number. I’ve known plenty of young adults who have less vibrancy about life than people I know who are four times their age.

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        1. She’s the first 80 something that I’ve met who wasn’t like a teenager who knew it all. I’ve found they habitually one up whatever you say. You hurt, they’re dying. You have a problem, they face life and Death


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