39 thoughts on “A Coffee Shop Sign that is Easy to Understand”

      1. Yes Turkish coffee is very good, I like it, but I prefer espresso (for us simply cafe) or cortado, which is served with a little milk. But I am not really interested in all those fancy coffees with other things in it… Have a great Friday Pat, and today is “Wine Time” (going to a Tango concert this evening and they will be serving some good Rioja!) All the best.

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  1. Love it! When did coffee become so complex? Thankfully here in Belgium if you go into a cafe you can just order a coffee and you will get a cup of “normal” coffee. Not the case with all the branded coffee places of course.

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        1. Even in college, where I could stay up longer than 8 pm, I never pulled an all nighter–I would go to be bed about 10 or 11 and get between 3 and 4 to continue studying.


      1. Coffee may be very confusing in Italy. In addition to the hundred different versions, the same coffee can be ordered in a large cup, a small cup, a glass cup or a paper cup (for hygiene freaks), etc, etc πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

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